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  • Ink caps made by “Stencil Stuff” are quick, easy to set up and great to handle.

    One tray of Quick Caps contains 50 small, connected color caps, each with a diameter of 14mm.

    No matter how many you need, 4, 8 or 23 color caps, just cut off the amount required for your tattoo.

    Because the color caps are connected they cannot fall over, and thus reducing the amount of Vaseline needed to attach them to your workstation.

    The distance between the color caps is wide enough to prevent tattoo inks from mixing and merging with opposite colors.

    Working at conventions leaves you very often with a very small work surface.

    Quick caps are a great solution, as they can be stacked offset (see video!).

    Product details

    • very short construction time
    • simply cut with scissors to the desired number
    • no mixing of colors
    • ideal for conventions and your studio
    • diameter: about 14mm
    • a color cap display = 50 color caps
    • content per pack: 20 displays á 50 pieces


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