"Shagbuilt D20 RCA"

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Shagbuilt D20 RCA - mattschwarz€499,99Op voorraad
Shagbuilt D20 RCA - blau€499,99Op voorraad
Shagbuilt D20 RCA - rot€499,99Op voorraad
Shagbuilt D20 RCA - white cherry blossom€499,99Op voorraad
Shagbuilt D20 RCA - Jerry Eagles€499,99Op voorraad
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    Beschrijving"Shagbuilt D20 RCA"
    The d20 is linear slide style rotary machine. The d20 was designed and modeled by Shag, using his 15 years experience building tattoo machines. The machine is built with a precision Swiss DC motor. The speed is adjustable via voltage, allowing you to use

    The Shagbuilt D20. The most well known model and workhorse of a machine for your everyday use. No matter if linings, shadings or color filling, the D20 is used for many tasks by tattoo artists worldwide. Even at a voltage of only 4,5 volts you can easily bring your whip shading into the skin. The linear slide drive ensures for a consistent and punchy hit, even when using large needle groupings. This Shagbuilt machine is not lightweight nor is it quite, it is in fact a prideful noise maker and game changer. The D20 makes the transition from coil machines to rotaries very easy. We have many different color variations to offer, motor look and performance are identical.

    • Swiss precision motor
    • All aluminum body
    • 4.6oz lightweight design with great balance that's easy on the wrist
    • linear slide style makes setup easy, even for a first time rotary user
    • Great for shading, colouring and lining
    • 4mm Stroke
    • Punchy with a consistent hit
    • Work with all rotary ready for power supplies
    • D20 Rotary
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