Neuma 4 Modus Tattoo Pen - Black

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    BeschrijvingNeuma 4 Modus Tattoo Pen - Black
    Neuma 4 Modus Tattoo Pen - Black"

    Please note: For the operation of Neuma machines, a power supply with high amperage (5A+) is advisable. We recommend a power supply from Musotoku for this purpose.

    The game changer: Neuma 4 Tattoo Pen!

    The Neuma 4 is a tattoo pen with a rotary drive and a newly developed transmission, which makes the pen feel like a coil machine while working and also has a similar effect on the skin.

    At the same time, you retain all the advantages of a rotary pen, such as reliability, easy configurability, low maintenance and high ergonomics.

    Due to the coil machine-like behaviour, the needle pierces straight into the skin, causing far less trauma and achieving cleaner results.

    The highlight: the Cams

    A cam is what changes the so-called dwell time of the needle, that is, the moment the needle will jab in and out of the skin.

    What this means is: how quickly does the needle move into and out of the skin, how long in total does the needle stay in the skin during this process and why is this important in the first place?

    Lining - Shading - Blending - Colour Packing

    Each tattooing style has different requirements. Which machine with which features do you use for which style?

    The stroke determines how fast, short=hard or slow=soft, the needle hits the skin and how fast it retracts. In relation to the cycle of a complete needle movement - i.e. 1 x there and 1x back again - time span = 100%, the needle therefore dwells in/under the skin for different lengths of time (dwell time).

    In general, the lower the percentage, the faster the hand movement can be. Higher percentages are better suited for slower hand movements.

    That is why Neuma has developed four different "cams". Each cam changes the dwell time in a different way and is adapted to the respective tattooing technique. The cams allow you to tattoo any tattoo style with one machine by changing the speed and the way the needle penetrates and stays in the skin.

    And since each machine comes with 4 cams, you only need one machine: The Neuma 4 Tattoo Pen.

    • the 20% Cam: Ideal for straight and clean lines - quick in, quick out.
      This cam is inserted in your Neuma 4 Tattoo Pen on delivery.
    • the 28% Cam is suitable for fast shading - a little slower in, but as fast out as the 20% Cam.
    • the 33% Cam is perfect for smooth transitions for gradients with several layers and slower shading - a little slower in, but out as fast as the 20% Cam
    • The 40% cam is the right choice for slow hand movements or for colour packing on large areas – as slow as the 33% Cam in and very slow out.
    • Changing a cam is very easy: the pen can be opened with a twist. Then you can simply remove the cam inside and replace it with another one.

    Cams also determine the stroke length. This means you can choose between 2.7, 3.5 or 4.2 mm stroke and order additional cams accordingly. There are 4 cams for each for this. You can order them individually or as a set. Our machines are equipped with the 4.2mm version as standard.

    The needle protrusion can be continuously adjusted by a knob on the top of the Neuma 4 Tattoo Pen.

    In addition, you can change the hit by replacing the bearing arm. The heavier the bearing arm, the harder the hit. A 5g brass bearing arm is pre-installed.

    For a softer hit, there is a separately available 1g aluminium bearing arm. Here, too, the exchange is relatively easy - a fitting Allen key is of course also included.

    Overall, the Neuma 4 Tattoo Pen is one of the most configurable tattoo machines in the world.

    What exactly makes the difference?

    The fundamental difference between coil and rotary machines is, of course, first and foremost the type of drive.

    The developers at Neuma have taken a closer look at the differences and found that they relate specifically to the action and behaviour of the needles. These differences affect both your working behaviour and feel, as well as the interaction with the client's skin.

    How the needle penetrates the skin and how long does it stay there, and why this is more important than you think.

    With coil machines, the drive is direct or linear. I.e. electromagnetic pulses move the springs of the coil machine and thus the needle bar/needle up and down in a very straight line. The needle pokes in the skin quickly and comes back quickly - it "sticks" because it "only" moves in two directions.

    With rotary machines, the needles first spring back against the resistance of the skin due to the rotating movement and only then penetrate the skin. The rotary motion also transfers to the needle, causing it to "dig" more into the skin than piercing it, which can lead to additional trauma to the skin tissue. This effect is not quite as pronounced with rotary pens. However that does not change anything regarding the dwell time.

    Looking more closely at the dwell time, it is noticeable that the length of time the needle stays in the skin varies greatly between the different types of drive: with conventional rotary machines, the needle dwells in the skin for up to 40% of this time, compared to about 10-15% with a coil machine.

    The longer dwell time and the "scooping" of the needles can lead to "snagging", which traumatises the tissue more. Then you have to change your approach, e.g. to achieve good lines or a desired effect.


    Now available in 6 coloured aluminium variants in 28mm, 33mm or 38mm grip thickness and a 33mm shift variant.

    In addition, there are two noble variants completely made of steel with a 28mm grip - one of them as a flamed heat series. This technique makes each Heat Series Tattoo Pen a fantastic one-of-a-kind piece!

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