I AM INK - The Spartan Tattoo Cleanser - Ready to Use/ Goose 250ml Spritzflasche

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    BeschrijvingI AM INK - The Spartan Tattoo Cleanser - Ready to Use/ Goose 250ml Spritzflasche

    THE SPARTAN tattoo cleanser by I AM INK is the perfect helper to remove excess paint. This revolutionary soap absorbs the excess of color and binds it so that it can be removed great by cellulose, such as the Magic Wipes . Due to the gluey consistency of the surfactant, the stencil is protected from smudging and the customer is spared pain caused by friction. In contrast to most common products, THE SPARTAN tattoo cleanser is a very fertile and well foaming surfactant composition. The extremely mild formula ensures that the skin is not additionally irritated. Damaged skin is less able to bind moisture than intact. Since the natural skin barrier is disturbed while tattooing, it is important to support the skin at this point. Selected ingredients such as propylene, glycol and glycerin provide the skin with moisture. They lie in the form of a wafer-thin film on the affected areas and thus imitate the natural moisture factor.

    The mixture of amino acids, water-soluble radical scavengers and peptides made by I AM INK, consisting of arginine, panthenol, proline, glycine, hydrolized soy protein and bis (tripeptide-1) copper, stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin's own fibroblasts. This can help the skin to restore its original condition. Excellent radical scavengers such as Schizophyllan and Ethyl Ascorbic Acid provide additional collagen synthesis. This combination ensures that the skin can revitalize itself as quickly as possible. As an additional benefit, I AM INK has added menthol into the recipe. This fabric fools the receptors in coldness, making the customer feel less.

    THE SPARTAN is available as a Ready To Use tattoo cleanser with a Spartan helmet spray attachment, as a Ready To Goose with the practical Gooseneck or as a rich concentrate to mix yourself , in a ratio of 1:10.

    What is THE SPARTAN Ready To Use tattoo cleanser?

    THE SPARTAN Ready To Use is a liquid soap, specially developed to help you during tattooing.

    The surfactant composition manufactured by I AM INK is very economical and foams excellently.

    In addition, the slightly gluey consistency saves the customer additional pain caused by friction.

    What does THE SPARTAN Ready To Use tattoo cleanser do?

    Prepares the skin for tattooing. THE SPARTAN degreases the skin, without letting it dry out.

    Removes excess tattoo color carefully.

    Cools skin during tattooing.

    Nourishes the skin with panthenol, revitalizes with stimulating vitamin C and Schizophyllan.

    What is the difference between I AM INK - THE SPARTAN Ready To Use and Ready To Goose?

    The only difference between the two is the spray attachment.

    THE SPARTAN Ready To Use has a Spartan helmet-like atomizer spray head, whereas Ready To Goose has a "gooseneck" with a large outlet.

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