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  • PinUp Brand - #12 Curved Magnum Shader Tattoo Needles - 12 Curved Magnum Shader:

    These "Curved Magnums" needles are also referred to as "round weaved magnums" or "round magnums". They are soldered like standard magnums but with a slight round / curved radius at the points which means there is reduced trauma to the skin. They are great for getting into those tight corners without going too deep.

    The "12" needles are also referred to as #12's and are made using 0.35mm needle gauge wire. These curved magnum shader needles all have a medium taper and the full needle is polished all the way down to the point to reduce aggravation to the skin.

    Silver soldered onto a standard needle bar for immediate use, they are individually blister packed and sterilised by E.O Gas. They are made from ISO 9001 certified stainless steel and CE Marked and approved for use in Europe.

    PinUp 12's Curved Magnum Shader Tattoo Needles

    Needle Type Tube/Tip to Use
    1205RM 05FT
    1207RM 07FT
    1209RM 09FT
    1211RM 11FT
    1213RM 13FT
    1215RM 15FT


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