Mara Big Prime Handmade Rotary Tattoo Machine

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  • Details
  • The MTM Big Prime is a handmade direct drive machine, developed primarily for shading and color packing.

    MTM Big Prime is a successor to MTM Prime with the same functionalities, features and possibilities but with a slick design.

    Created by using high quality materials, MTM Big Prime is a powerful, very stable and durable tattoo machine.

    There is only one thing that you need to change to adjust machine to different working activities and that is voltage!

    It's easy to use with larger needle groupings and heavier liners and compatible with both standard needles and needle cartridges.

    Technical Data:

    • Weight: 123g
    • Dimensions : 8.5 x 6.8 x 5cm
    • Stroke: 3.6mm
    • Working power : 4-7.5 V
    • Purpose: Shading, color packing, lining


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