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Eternal Pepto Pink 1oz

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Eternal Pepto Pink 30ml Expire Date 15-07-19


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Eternal Pepto Pink

This is an attractive an bold enough shade of pink to attract plenty of attention, yet still soft enough to provide a good option for covering large areas. However, the primary use of this ink by design is to be blended with skin tones and other colours as part of a portrait tattoo. This particular ink was designed by Liz Cook, the world famous portrait tattoo artist, and as such is part of the Liz Cook series, consisting of 23 colours, as part of the eternal inks portrait colours range. The ink is a non-toxic and organic option, which ensures the quality and safety of the ink. To further ensure this we sterilize all of our inks and we never freeze our inks, so you can be confident of the cleanliness and freshness of the products you order from us as much as the quality.

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Eternal Pepto Pink 30ml Expire Date 15-07-19


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