Cheyenne PU IV - Power Station

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  • "Cheyenne PU IV - Power Station"

    The Cheyenne Power Unit IV was developed in collaboration with some well-known tattoo artists to meet the Cheyenne claim of always being able to offer the perfect solution for the artist. The PU IV's Cheyenne development team has a special focus on ergonomic work, intuitive operation and a handy design. With this Cheyenne control unit it is possible for the first time to fully exploit the low-frequency operation of the SOL family. Tattoo machines from other manufacturers can be easily connected with an adapter cable. The display of the POWER UNIT IV can show the lancing frequency both as a bar graph and traditionally with digits as the voltage. The last set values ​​are saved for continuing work. Foot switches can be operated in two modes for the first time: In latched mode, the switch for switching on and off is briefly pressed. In momentary mode, the switch must be held down while tattooing. The integrated stopwatch helps to keep track of working hours. The magnetic back and bottom as well as the attachable stand make the Power Unit IV from Cheyenne very versatile and guarantee a secure stand on all surfaces.

    What is Cheyenne Power Unit IV

    The PU IV from Cheyenne is a compact tattoo control station or power supply. With this power unit you get your machines running and control them.

    The Cheyenne tattoo power supply is ergonomically and intuitively designed to make operation easier.

    Is Cheyenne Power Unit IV also suitable for SOL machines?

    Yes, the PU IV is suitable for the family of SOL machines.

    This power supply is ideal for low frequency operation.

    How and where can I set up the Cheyenne Power Unit IV?

    The Cheyenne Power Unit IV has a magnetic back and bottom as well as an optionally stand.

    This gives you a huge range of options for setting up your PU IV according to your wishes in the workplace.

    Can I change the footswitch mode on the Cheyenne PU IV?

    On the one hand, you can set the latched mode. This means that you only have to press the foot switch once briefly and your machine runs continuously until you press the foot switch again.

    On the other hand, you can choose the momentary mode. In this mode you have to keep the foot switch pressed while working so that your machine runs.

    How can I see which voltage value I have set on the Cheyenne Power Unit IV?

    With the Cheyenne Power Unit IV, you have two different options for displaying the set voltage value

    For one thing, you can use the bar graph display. The display is divided into 30 bars. Each of these bars has an approximate voltage value of 0.26V.

    On the other hand, the Cheyenne PU IV can also display the voltage in the form of digits. In this mode you have the possibility to set your PU IV even more precisely, namely in 0.1V steps.

    Is the Cheyenne PU IV compatible with machines from other manufacturers?

    Yes, the Power Unit IV from Cheyenne is compatible with machines from other manufacturers.

    All you need is an adapter. This adapter is not included but can be purchased. If you are interested in this adapter, you can find it HERE.

    Does the Cheyenne Power Unit IV have a stopwatch?

    Yes, the PU IV from Cheyenne Tattoo has a built-in stopwatch.

    With the help of this stopwatch you are able to measure the time of a tattoo session.

    Where is the Cheyenne Power Unit IV manufactured?

    Like all Cheyenne devices, the PU IV is made in Germany.


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